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Resumos : Abstracts
Resocialize today? Between “myth” and reality
André Lamas Leite
Professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of O’Porto
as well as of the European University (Lisbon)
Researcher at the Centro de Investigação Jurídico-Económica (CIJE)
[Centre for Legal and Economic Research] / Faculty of Law of the University of O’Porto
The author presents a brief history of the concept of "resocialization", in an attempt to define it within a diachronic vision, but above all as it is now. He reflects on the severe crisis that this punitive purpose has suffered practically since it has been enshrined in the criminal codes, and ends with what may be an operative notion of what seems to be a utopia that almost never is fulfilled.
The credit intermediary – exercise of the activity in light of Decree-Law No. 81-C / 2017, of July 7 Higina Castelo
Appeal Court Judge
The Legal Regime of the Credit Intermediary (established by Portuguese Decree-Law 81-C/2017, of 7 July) was, by transposition of a community directive, to discipline the activities of credit intermediation and provision of advisory services related to credit agreements.

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